Fishing Baits and Lures: Which Is the Best One to Use?


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To have a great catch, you need to know the different baits and lures and to choose the best one to use which is the most effective depending on the kind of fish, locations and weather condition.

A Proper Guideline of What to Wear Deep Sea Fishing?

Deep sea fishing is an exciting and dangerous activity. If you want to go deep sea fishing, you have to be prepared. With proper caution, deep sea fishing can be a lot of fun.

Typically when we picture fishing, we think about sitting in a boat for hours to catch a fish. Fishing requires a lot of patience. It is not for everyone, but deep sea fishing is a lot more exciting. The water depth has to be at least 30 meters for it to be considered deep sea fishing. Deep into the ocean where even sunlight cannot reach, roams a lot of different kinds of fishes which you cannot find near the shore. It is very adventurous to be able to catch these rare fishes. This is why deep-sea fishing is so much fun. In this article, we are going to talk about what to wear when deep sea fishing. Let’s get started.

What is Deep Sea Fishing?

Deep sea fishing is like regular fishing, but the depth of the water is deeper. The water depth is about 30 meters. You also need special gear when deep sea fishing. The reason deep sea fishing has been growing in interest over the past few years is due to the bigger fishes that can be found, unlike when you are near the shore. Fishes like tuna, barracuda, sharks, swordfish, marlin, etc... need open and deeper water to feed. That is why you won’t find them near shore.

What to Wear Deep Sea Fishing?

1. If you are sixteen or over, you need a fishing license to go deep sea fishing. Get in contact with your guide to learn more about the rules and regulations of the area you are going to be fishing in.

2. Bring your raincoat or windbreaker with you because it gets windy on the open sea. Also, you need something to protect you from sea spray.

3. Wear lighter clothes that are comfortable. You are going to be doing a lot of hard work, and you are going to be sweaty. So, it is better to wear comfortable clothes. It is best to be prepared for any weather.

4. Bring hats and sunglasses with you because the sun can be merciless especially in the open sea. Also, bring a lot of sunscreen with you because a nasty sunburn can ruin your entire trip.

5. If you plan to head back to shore at night and set up camp, you may want to bring a tent with you. A tent will protect you from the elements. Having a stargazing tent is perfect due to the fact that you’re able to not only view the stars for the night but the mesh also allows for a great source of ventilation as well.

6. You need to wear shoes that are non-skid because you are going to be on a boat all day dealing with fishes. Things will get slippery. So, you need to be prepared.

7. Your guide will provide you with life jackets, but do not get on the boat if they do not have life jackets. The sea is unpredictable, and at any time a storm may come. So, even if you know how to swim, it is best to wear a life jacket.

8. Make sure to pack some medicine with you, just in case you get seasick. Bug repellent should be included as well, to ward off mosquitoes and other insects.

9. You need to bring an ice chest with you to preserve the fishes you catch. If the boat doesn't provide one, you may have to buy one yourself.

10. Bring a camera. When you catch a fish, it is going to be memorable for you. So, you might want to take pictures.

11. Lastly but importantly bring some water and snacks.You are going to be on a boat for a long time, and you need to eat.You might think that you won't have time to eat, but it is better to be prepared because sea air increases your appetite.

Things Not to Do on a Fishing Trip

· Do not bring alcohol or any illegal drugs with you. You will be out on the sea, and you will be handling gears. So, it is not smart to get drunk in a situation like this. By chance, if you fall in the water and you are not sober. You will not be able to swim.

· Do not bring any weapon or fireworks on the boat. In most places it is illegal. But it is dangerous to bring weapons or anything flammable on the boat with you.

· Even if you know how to swim make sure there is a life jacket on the boat. You don’t have to wear it all the time, just have it in case of any emergencies.

Safety Measures

1. Wear sunscreen on your exposed skin. Do not underestimate a sunburn.

2. Listen to your guide or boat captain. If they give you any suggestions, listen to them since they are professionals.

3. Most people deal motion sickness on the sea. So, bring motion sickness medicine with you. A boat cannot go back to the shore to drop off sick passengers. So, make sure you are well prepared.

4. Before you go deep sea fishing research about guides, the area you are going to, and other important information.

Final Thoughts

Some people like fishing, some people find it boring. If you mix fishing and excitement, you get deep sea fishing.You can catch massive fishes on the deep sea that you cannot catch near the shore because fishes like tuna, shark, and barracuda-like to roam and feed in the open water. If you are prepared, deep sea fishing is not dangerous at all.

Hopefully, from this article, you learned what to wear and what to do when you go deep sea fishing. Now there is only one thing left to do-have fun!

Best Crappie Lures The Ultimate Success Story

First of all, we fishermen know that crappie fishing is very interesting and fascinating for each angler. It does not matter if you are a newbie or obsessed crappie fishing enthusiast. Crappie are quite active and aggressive fish and they can gift you with many unforgettable fishing moments.

The suspense, the pressure and the satisfaction you feel when you hold finally the fish, cannot be described with words. Our team participated in various fishing discussion and we deduced that there are some significant obscurities about crappie fishing.

Specifically, many people do not know which are the best crappie lures due to the fact that these fish have weird habits. We took to heart all these queries and decided to compile this helpful article. When you finish reading it, you will be able to choose the best crappie lures with closed eyes!

Let’s start!

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Complete Instructions On How To Use A Slip Bobber

Do you want to know the best technique to fish out your feast for the night? Have you ever wondered how to include a slip bobber into your fishing and become an experienced angler?

Slip bobber has many advantages over fixed bobbers and help in suspending the bait as deep as you like. Before starting with everything you need to know about how to use a slip bobber, let's discuss what exactly a slip bobber is.

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How to Fish a Senko Using Effective Tactics?

Do you want to learn the best tactics to fish using a Senko or are you simply confused with what exactly is a Senko? Senko is nothing but an extremely lucrative fishing bait designed by angling expert Gary Yamamoto. It is important to know how to fish a Senko rightly to attract more fish and understand techniques to be used while using the bait.

The Senko baits are popular for their texture, density and shape that helps in catching fish through its natural movement. Senkos are custom baits available in different colors, shape and size. Senko is plastic worm bait that has the tendency to attract fishes and maximize the catch productivity. It is one of the popular bass fishing methods.

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The Best Way On How To Rig A Swimbait

Having a properly rigged swimbait is almost a hundred percent assurance that you will get enough reward from your fishing spree. This will ensure that it does not veer off to the wrong side causing it to fail to perform its intended luring purpose. I will share with you the best way to rig a swimbait so that it hangs perfectly on your fishing line and stays secure.

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The Best Way To Raise Minnows

Minnows are excellent baits to be used by anglers. Some of the factors that make them suitable are that big fish do eat small fish, and also because they make movements which attract the fish towards them since fish love live baits. Minnows can also be hooked to catch almost all types of fish. Acquiring minnows may be expensive to some anglers. Also, having them available right at the time when you need them could be a challenge since the stores may be closed. To eliminate all these negative possibilities, you may consider raising your own minnows.

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Essential Tips on How to Keep Minnows Alive

Minnows are one of the best all round baits that anglers prefer to use when catching fish during their fishing sprees. This is because once you rig your line with a minnow; you will most likely catch every type of fish that you might think of. Most of the time after fishing there are remainders of minnows which I am so sure no angler would want to see going to waste.

I have heard many anglers asking for some tips to help them keep minnows alive for a longer period so that they can use them in their next fishing spree. By following the simple tips that I have listed below, you can keep your minnows alive and ready for use for a couple of days.

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How To Hook A Minnow Tips From The Pros

How to Hook a Minnow

Minnows are small fish that are used as effective baits and lures. Fishers and anglers would use them to have the better catch. Different kinds of fishes belong to the Minnow family and since they are a popular choice as a bait/lure for species like crappie, brown trout, bluegill and bass, many want to know how to hook a minnow and how to use it as bait. When hooked the right way, you can have a successful catch. It will all depend on how you plan to hook it.

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How To Tie A Chatterbait : Tips And Techniques

Fishing is an all-year-round activity and to have a great catch, using lures is essential. Among the most popular choices widely used by anglers is the chatterbait. This type of lure is popular for a reason. There are actually different kinds of lures that you can use in your fishing activity. Yet, chatterbaits will always be the first bet among anglers since it is very easy to use and.

It gives you flexibility as you can use it in different kinds of ways. But to have a successful catch, you need to know how a chatterbait works, how to tie a chatterbait and how you should use it. For beginners, this can take some time but eventually you will get used to using this type of lure.

Just keep on reading and we will give you the information and tips that you need to use chatterbaits in the most efficient manner possible for a better catch!

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