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How Do Fish Get Into Ponds?( Sorry, It’s Not By Magic! )

Every once in a while, a new pond forms in a place where no water was found before. Then, fish randomly appear and thrive there. But how do fish get into ponds seemingly out of nowhere?

Is it a magic trick? Did the fish fly from a distant land or did they materialize from thin air? Perhaps it is a well-timed prank? Or probably the works of extraterrestrial beings?

Find out the answer once and for all by continuing to read below! The truth is not as mystical as what we assume but is nonetheless as interesting!The Three Possible ways fish can get into a new pondThere are three ways fish can get into a new pond.

Each one may happen without your knowledge. You can even be unknowingly responsible for their presence in a particular pond!


1. They Were Already There.

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The first reason why fish can end up in a pond is when they were already there when it was formed. This can happen in two ways.

First, the pond may have been formed from an existing water system that has been cut off from the main water supply. This could be due to a physical dam constructed by men, natural events like an earthquake or landslide, or animals like beavers.

In this case, flooding may have caused the water level of a river or lake to rise and spill from their shores. The water then empties into low lying lands or valleys, leaving a pond when the water levels recede.

When this happens, the pond water already contains the materials and creatures for a complete ecosystem including fish or their spawns along with bugs, algae, and plants.

The second process is possible when a pond forms in a place where there are regular droughts. Because of this condition, local fish species sometimes adapt behaviors and characteristics that allow them to survive the dry season.

This includes the ability to burrow deep into the mud at the bottom of the pond while water is still present. Then, they get into a state similar to hibernation until the next wet season when the pond gets filled with water again.

Upon the return of water, the fish come out of their hibernating and hidden state to eat, mate, and reproduce, sustaining their life cycle to last until the next drought.In fact, fish are not the only species that can do this.

Other aquatic animals, plants, and insects also can stay alive in an almost dead state throughout a dry spell.Some aquatic animals also lay eggs that survive these droughts, hatching only when they sense water or moisture around them.

2. They Swam Their Way Into The Pond.

Another way to answer the question: “how do fish get into ponds?” is they swim their way there, in which case they deliver themselves naturally.

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For instance, a piece of land could exist in a way that a drainage system allows different bodies of water to be connected with each other and share a water source, even including its inhabitants.

Especially when a pond or lake is formed by a natural spring, the steady supply of water may increase the water level.Rising water levels in a lake could cause the water to spill over and flow to a low-lying area through rivulets, creeks, rivers, or small streams. This could form another body of water where other aquatic creatures and fish could swim along.

In a sense, the water rivulets act as highways between the main lake and the newly formed pond or lake. Then, some fish find their way to the new body of water and stay and reproduce there even after the water levels revert back to normal.

Sometimes, a short period of flooding can also wash up some fish from other nearby bodies of water into a certain pond, river, or lake.Another rare but not unheard of occurrence is the ability of some fish species to travel over land or mud to migrate from pond to pond.

For example, the walking catfish expand territories and invade other water systems by “walking” with their fins.The lungfish and other species can also jump their way across short distances to another pond.

3. They Were Transported By Other Animals And Humans.

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Lastly, fish can be transported somehow, by some mistake, either by nature itself, other animals, or even you.Most fish and aquatic animals make their way to newly formed bodies of water through the mentioned methods.

However, there is another, perhaps even the most exciting of all, is the migration of fish with the help of land animals, birds, and humans.A pond forming near another pond or lake could receive fish from birds of prey that fly over them and accidentally drop their catch.

Also, fish eggs or roe, when kept moist throughout the trip, may wash off and hatch in another pond from the feathers, feet, or fur of animals that roam between ponds.These eggs or juvenile fish could also be carried in the mouths of some birds like pelicans or other animals.

The most common species, although mostly unwittingly, that transport fish from one place to another is us, humans.This includes aquarium owners that illegally release aquarium species into the wild.

We do release fish and eggs intentionally, especially game species like trout or bass.However, some end up in other bodies of water accidentally by clinging to water gear or the bottom of our boats.

They could also cling or be trapped in algae or aquatic plants that you add to your pond.

Here is a short video that will help you know more


So, now you know the three ways fish could end up in your pond: they could be already there when it formed, they could have swam their way to the pond from another body of water, or they may have been transported by other animals or even yourself!

It’s really not much of a mystery nor is there any magic or aliens involved. Mother Nature just proves that life really finds a way, no matter how hard or unexpected it may be.

If you have any questions and concerns, leave them in the comments section below! We’ll try our best to respond and answer them in the shortest time possible!

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