How to Catch Grass Carp: Important Steps You Should Know

How To Catch Grass Carp: Important Steps You Should Know

Knowing how to catch grass carp requires you to also know the necessary equipment for catching this type of fish. The Grass Carp is a type of fish commonly used to control the vegetation population in ponds and lakes.

In places like Missouri, the Grass Carp is practically stocked in these lakes and ponds with the aforementioned need being the main intent for the stocking. The Grass Carp is an Asian minnow that can grow up to the length of four feet and weigh up to about 100 pounds. There comes a time when you really need to catch the grass carps.

If you didn’t know, catching a grass carp can prove to be a tall order when you fish using a line and pole. This is because this fish breed is very cautious and reclusive, with its feeding preference being in places and times when it is not disturbed or observed.

Such complications makes it mandatory for you to know how to catch grass carp as guess work won’t work for you.


What Will You Need

Grass Carps are commonly observed feeding around shallow cove areas. The slightest of movements or disturbance on the shores easily spooks them. In addition to their cautiousness, the grass carps are also known to be very spectacular fighters that are so difficult to land.

If you are using a rod and reel, the best and most effective way of catching these fish is by baiting a target area and waiting from a distance.

Though you will come across many discussions regarding the choice of equipment for catching the grass carp, below are some of the most important attributes of your equipment of choice.


Carp Fishing Rods

Carp Fishing Rods

The grass carps are very strong and also very formidable fighters when in danger. Ensure that you go for a rod that is capable of taking the blend.

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Have a fly rod that can accurately land your fly on the exact targeted spot. Any inaccuracy will startle the grass carp thus reducing your total potential catch. Look for a fly rod, which you can accurately cast.

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There comes a time when you need to give some small twitches in order to excite the fish. Such is only possible if you have a rod that the user can feel the flywheel. Remember that for the purposes of grass carps, the user uses only small twitches in front of the fish’s face to excite them.

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A Good Drag

Let the real have a good drag that can withstand the aggression of these fish. The grass carps don’t easily get tired but the good news is that ultimately they will. So with a good drag, you won’t lose what you have already trapped.

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Let's Know How to Catch Grass Carp

Choosing A Prime Location

Grass Carp and Salmon in the pond

Grass Carp and Salmon in the pond

Grass Carps are un-introduced fish species hence can’t be found just anywhere. They are mostly found in ponds and lakes where they have been stocked to control the vegetation population.

The rate at which these fish can multiply can be so high that a farmer may need their population to be regulated within sustainable numbers.

If you want to catch grass carps, check with landowners and fish farmers who have stocked them in their ponds and would want their population controlled.

Apply The Right Approach

As we can see, these fish types are big thus requiring a substantial tackle. The use of a large 1/0 or even the 2/0 sized hooks, accompanied with test lines up to 20 pounds will be ideal. An additional medium-size open face spinning reel together with a rod makes your set of equipment to be even more perfect.

Be Stealthy

As mentioned earlier, spooking grass carps is as easy as ABC. These fish are easily disturbed by noise, vibrations, and other activities. As a result, it is prudent that you keep noise and activity to their minimum, lest you startle your prey upon which they will retreat to deeper waters.

If there is a time to tip toe and to whisper, it is when you are fishing the grass carp. In fact, this is the most important aspect of the how to catch grass carp guide.


Fishing bait lines

Fishing bait lines

Baiting grass carps is always done a number of days before the day you come to catch the fish. The choice or selection of bait is important. Grass Carps are herbivorous with their predominant foods being vegetations.

The corn and bread dough combination is one of the easiest and most responsive bait types. Other bait choices include watermelons, lima beans, freshly cut grass, worms, green beans and cherry tomatoes.

Upon selecting the prime fishing area and the bait of choice, it is time to bait the area. Throw your bait choice into the water, not beyond 20 feet from the shore. As mentioned above, canned corn or soaked corn seeds are some of the best baits.

Fishing For Grass Carp

Quietly approaching the area of choice, throw your baited line into the pond or lake. The use of a rig with a light weight would be prudent to hold the bait down. The lightest weight possible should be used as the grass carps are known to be cheeky, dropping any bait that tends to offer resistance.

You also need to allow the bait line to remain a bit slack. If you feel the line starting to tighten, carefully reel in the slack and then set the hook. The relatively loose drag is important in preventing the fishing line from breaking when subjected to a strong strain by a large fish.

Bottom Line

The grass carp is one of the most difficult types of fish for beginners to catch. This is because unlike other fish which aren’t so sensitive or cautious, the grass carp is super sensitive and super cautious.

You may just walk into a river, lake or pond and end up catching some fish but when it comes to the grass carp, lack of a prior knowledge on how to catch grass carp may almost guarantee you failure of catching anything.

Grass Carp with Spinning Reel

Grass Carp with Spinning Reel

Top Tips

  • Always tread softly and carefully as you go to throw your bait.
  • Ensure that your fishing equipment is the most accurate possible when it comes to throwing the fly.
  • Lead the grass carp towards the fly trap as you slowly drag the fly in the face of the fish.
  • You are not to set the hook but are to instead tighten the line, making the grass carp to hook itself.

And you have it!

The above was my real experience. Hope you have enjoyed and it has answered some of your questions too. If you liked the article, please do share it along with your experience. You can also ask if you have any questions in the comment box.

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