Step By Step Guide On How To Catch Mullet Fish

Step By Step Guide On How To Catch Mullet Fish

Catching mullet fish is a fun activity. The thrill of the chase that comes along in going after mullet fish is really exhilarating especially when you get to catch the big ones. Whether you want to catch mullet to eat the fish or to use them as bait, catching one is still challenging. You can find mullet in saltwater and freshwater.

How to catch mullet fish? There are actually different ways to catch them and just continue reading to know the step by step guide in catching mullet fish.


Know More About Mullet Fish

To have a successful catch, you need to have ample knowledge about mullet fish, their behavior, characteristics and where you can find them. Mullet can be really fun to go after and there are different approaches to take.

Usually, mullet species are found in coastal waters or freshwaters. They enjoy warm waters and feed on marine invertebrates, detritus and algae. Unlike other fishes, they do not easily go after just any bait which explains why it can be quite tricky to catch a mullet fish especially if this is your first time and still inexperienced.

Items You Need

Anglers need to have the necessary gears and tools to have a great catch. And when it comes to catching mullet fish, you need the following items:


Depending on your preference, you can either use squashed bait or fresh bread. You can also create your own dough. Just simply mix flour with water. Most anglers would use some salt in the mixture.

Rod And Reel/Handline

If you are going after the mullet fish, you do not need big handline. In fact, you just need a small one with a light spinning with a small hook, you can see this fishing rod and reel review. You should find a fishing line ranging from 4 to 6 lbs and a hook numbers 10 to 12. To get the mullet on your braided fishing line, berley trail is the key.

Shakespeare Crappie Hunter.

Shakespeare Crappie Hunter. Via :

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Anglers who enjoy catching mullet fish use trap. You can buy traps anywhere and there are also different varieties. You can use clear cylinders (1 to 2 ft).

Methods on How to Catch Mullet Fish

Now that you have the gears you need, the next step is to use the best method to catch the fish. Depending on what suits you best, we give you 2 different methods to have a great catch. You can also watch this video for more visual instruction.

How do you do it? Simply follow the step by step guide.

Catching Mullet Using a Line and Hook

Step 1: Look For The Best Spot

Same as the previous method, you need to know where they are. Mullets are often spotted close to the surface and often come in big groups.

Spot of fish mullet

Spot of fish mullet

Step 2: Have Your Tackle Ready

You do not necessarily have to get an elaborate one. In fact, alight rod will do. You just have to make sure that it is long and has a good test strength.

Step 3: Use The Right Bait

Since mullet have excellent eyesight, you cannot just use any bait. Although there is not guarantee, there are specific baiting options that are proven to be effective. Some of the best baiting options include peeled prawn, bread, dough or rag worm. You may want to use a fly. Do not use a lure that is flashy as mullet will easily dart away at the sight of it. You may also toss some oatmeal into the water.

Step 4: Reel Mullet Fish When Catched

Mullets are not big but they resist so you need to be careful when you reel them. Keep in mind that mullets tend to leap out of the water so you have to be careful. Do not attempt to pull them right away. To have a feel of their movements, it helps that you use a fishing braid line.

Another method to catch a mullet is to use a net:

Using a Cast Net

One of the best methods to catch a mullet fish is to use a cast net. Since mullets have this tendency to congregate in big schools and would go close to the water’s surface. So, one of the best ways to catch mullet fish is to use cast nets. This is a very efficient and easy method compare to using a line and a hook. But it can also be tricky since mullet have good eyesight, they can easily escape when they see a net.

Step 1: Check Regulations

When getting one, make sure that you check the fishing regulations in your area, so you know which mesh size is allowed. Each state has varying regulations, so you have to check up to which size is permitted.

School of mullet fish

School of mullet fish

Step 2: Search For The Good Spot

The key here is to find that area where the mullet would gather and the net can reach the fishes. You can find mullet in near inshore from boats and sea walls as well as streams and even canals. If you are having difficulties searching for them, you can always as local people who can give you an idea where to find them.

Step 3: Practice At Home

Even before you start to cast the net, it helps that you practice casting your net at home. You need to be able to handle it the right way and since mullet can be tricky to catch, precision is very important. When practicing at home, you can just set up a target. Standing a few feet away, you can try getting that target using the net.

Step 4: Search For Disturbances

You are lucky if you can easily spot them in specific areas. But if not, you can still spot for mullet especially when there are disturbances in the water. For instance, if you see bubbles, there is a big chance that you can find mullet there. Just be patient.

Step 5: Cast The Net

Once you have already spotted the mullet, you can cast the net. Wrap the very end of it around your wrist and cast it in the target area.

Step 6: Retrieve The Net

After the net has sunk into the water, keep some tension to see what’s going on. When you feel that it hits bottom, you can pull it back.

Fresh Mullet Fish Catch by Cast Net

Fresh Mullet Fish Catch by Cast Net

Mullet can be fun and really challenging. But if you know which gears to use and you know where to find them, it does not have to be too difficult. They may look modest and they are not like other big fishes but you will actually be surprised with their keen senses and how they fight back once you use the line or even a casting net. Depending on which method you prefer, you need to do it precisely in order to have a successful catch.

Are you planning to catch mullet fish? How was your experience? We are glad to hear from you!

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