How To Catch Redfish With Ease?

How To Catch Redfish With Ease?

Love redfishes but facing difficulties to catch them? Like most of the creatures on earth, redfish also have specific habits. These habits can prove to be extremely beneficial for the anglers to catch them. The more you know about the species the maximum are the chances for you to trap them.

If you know about the habits of these fishes and the kind of environment they dwell in you can highly enhance your chances to catch them. This article will help you learn how to catch redfish with minimum efforts.


What Will You Need?

Fishing Rod

A fishing rod that would help you to fish near the shores and within the channels would perfectly fulfill the task.

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Fishing Line

A fishing line to suit the rod and the reel that you select to use, we have 3 popular types: braided fishing linesfluorocarbon fishing lines and monofilament fishing lines. You can choose some best fishing lines below: 

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The reds love to feed on baitfish like mullets and menhaden as well as tiny crabs and shrimps.

Portable Fish Finder

A wireless fish finder that can help you to locate the fish better.

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Let's Know How to Catch Redfish

Know The Location

It is important to know the location of the redfish in order to catch them successfully. During spring, you may find redfish in abundance around the East coast of Atlantic, more particularly at False Point, Cape Point, Hatteras Island and Ocracoke Island.

During summers, you may find them at and around the Gulf Coast. Georgia is highly inhabited with big size redfish during fall.

Redfish Lake Idaho

Redfish Lake Idaho

Hunt the Channels

Redfish is popularly also known as channel bass. They are found in great numbers in water channels. These fishes travel to the edges of the channels to locate traveling routes.

During the spawning period, these redfishes are found dwelling in the rivers inlets adjacent to the channels. They are noticed rolling over each other in the fall months during the spawning times.

Inshore Dwellers

Many smaller redfish species like red bass, puppy drum, spot tail bass etc. are found along various coasts like the Atlantic and gulf coasts. Fishes move for majorly two purposes food and reproduction.

So if you know well about the food and reproductive habits of these redfishes, you are sure to create a good strike without fail. If you pick the appropriate food source of these fishes then you are very close to catch them.

Feeding Habits of Redfish

It is recommended you know the feeding habits of the fishes in order to catch them successfully. Primarily, these fishes live to eat bait fishes like menhaden and mullets. They even love to treat themselves with crustaceans like tiny crabs as well as shrimps.

If you go fishing in regions rich in these species then there are high chances you return with a basket full of red fishes. Such is the case with almost any and every species. If you locate the associated bait you will easily trap the fish.

The Appropriate Bait

It is said that if you know the food of the fish well then you are very close to trap it. So is the case with red fishes. They love to feed on baitfish. Hence if you go fishing in an area that is rich in baitfish like minnows then you are for sure to catch a whole lot of redfish.

Minnow on hand

Minnow on hand

So if you find a water body rich in mullets or tiny crabs or shrimps then you will surely find red fishes in the same. You may also use menhaden or red bass to lure the reds.

Seek For the Fish

Redfish tends to stay very close to the edges as they look for tiny crabs as well as shrimps. So you should always stay close to the edges. You can let a bait float near the edge of the water body in order to lure the redfish. The runoff ends are the places where there are high chances to find redfish as they keep waiting there for food.

The Effect of Tides

Fishes are highly affected by tides. So is the case with the redfish. As and when the tidal currents tend to alter their directions the redfish will also relocate. The incoming, as well as outgoing tides, affect their feeding habits too. This depends on the availability of the baitfish in the water at that very moment.

The redfish smartly place themselves in places where the tidal current would push the baitfish. They even stay very close to the edges of channels as the tidal currents are mostly concentrated in such places and pass more baitfish.

So firstly you must find a channel to fish and then try to obstruct the flow of water with some appropriate obstructing device. Next, place your bait at the bottom of the water body as that is the place where the redfish locate themselves to trap the food. Incoming tidal currents are the best to target redfish.

Redfish underwater

Redfish underwater

When the tides currents flow in the redfish move to shallow waters to catch their food during the times of high tides and once the tide currents start to move out they shift to the bottom waters.

The times when the tide currents lower many fishermen move to other places to fish but this is the time when you might find some reds in the water. They will locate themselves in the deeper regions and feel safe and secure to the core. This is the time when you can cause a strike and get hold of them with little techniques.

So each time the tide currents tend to lower themselves take advantage of the situation and fish bottom waters with the appropriate baits to lure them and you are sure to return with a number of them in your basket.

Fish with The Changing Seasons

Like many other species, redfishes also tend to migrate during various seasons. In the cold months of the year, they migrate and pass the coastal inlets. As and when the winter approaches and the temperature begins to fall, redfish move to the wrecks and reefs of the shore.

So the winter months are the best to catch redfish. They stay near the bottom in the winters and you can easily catch them from the as deep as 100 feet of water.

Redfish caught

Redfish caught


All the information that would help you learn how to catch redfish with least difficulty has been successfully compiled in the article above. The better you know the fish the higher are the chances to trap them. Hence, you must know about the habitat and the feeding habits of these fishes well so that you make successful strikes.

Drop in your questions and queries in the comment section below. I would love to reciprocate.

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