How To Fish A Chatterbait? Best Tips To Maximum Number Of Fishes

Proven Effective Ways To Fish A Chatterbait

For the bass fisherman, chatterbaits are used as fishing lures for a successful catch. Also known as bladed jigs, chatterbait is a jig that has an attached blade to it. If you haven’t tried using this type of lure, for sure you might wonder how it can be used to catch more fish.

But this blade is what makes it one of the most popular options is the fact that you can use it any situation and it is very effective. In this article, I am going to share with you some of my proven secrets on how to fish a chatterbait and how to use it as a lure for a quality catch.


Why Use Chatterbait?

There are actually 7 different kinds of lures that you can use for fishing like flies, spinnerbaits, plugs, plastic baits, spoons, spinners and jigs. All of these lures have their respective advantages and disadvantages.

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But among these types of lures, anglers prefer to use chatterbaits. This is one of the best lures to use especially for freshwater fishes. Chatterbaits allow you to retrieve the fishes in different kinds of ways. It offers flexibility and versatility that you cannot have in other types of lures.

For instance, if you want to retrieve a fish quickly using a spinnerbait but it is very slow then you cannot just stick on to it. You need to change the lure you are going to use or else you would not be able to catch it. By allowing you to retrieve fishes in various ways, chatterbaits might be the best lure for you. 

How to Fish a Chatterbait?

In using chatterbaits as fishing lures, there are different techniques to follow to be successful.

1. Chose The Best Color

Chatterbaits Colors

Chatterbaits Colors

Your choice of color when it comes to using lures is important. Now that you are going to use a chatterbait to maximize your fishing, you need to know the best color to use. Personally, I have tried different colors like bluegill, blue and black, chartreuse and shad. The choice of color would depend on what kind of fish you want to catch.

For instance, chartreuse and shad are the best lures for whiter fishes. On the other hand, blue gill is widely used especially if you want to catch fish during winter and spring. This particular color disgusts bass and they would want to get rid of the bluegill.

2. Know Where To Cast The Lure

Bass fishing in the morning at sunrise

Florida bass fisherman in early morning fog on river

Before anything else, you need to know where to cast. What I do is I would cast the lure to the shore parallel to it measuring just about 1 ft. Bass are usually found about 10 to 15 ft feet away from the shore.

When you know the strategic spot where to cast the lure, you get to maximize your catch. Unlike other lures, chatterbaits involve action. Pop and move the chatterbait and you will see how the bass swarm to the lure.

3. Know The Right Fishing Techniques Based On Season

How to fish a chatterbait would also depend on which season you want to use it for fishing.

Winter Tactics:

During this season, it can be quite tricky considering the water temperature can get really low and fishes tend to go deeper into the water. But the good news is that you can still get fish even with this temperature. The key when fishing during the winter season is for you to find the baitfish. If you find them, you can also find fish.

Spring Chatterbait Tactics:

Once the water starts to get warm, fishes start to surface and this is now the best opportunity for you to use chatterbait. Don’t get me wrong, chatterbait is basically a great bait that you can use in every season but if you are going to use it in this period, it tends to gravitate towards the water and attracts fish.

That is why if you are fishing in the lake or river, using this lure will surely guarantee you of the great catch.

Fall Tactics:

When fishing during the fall season, you notice that it gets difficult to fish since the temperature starts to change. Anglers would use different lures and try their success. You have the choice as to whether you want to use this bait as a crankbait or you can let it flow through the water.

Since it can be quite tough to fish during the fall season, you may want to use different ways to catch fish. Some anglers use this lure as a jerkbait and you will be surprised that it can give you nice results. But just before you finally cast the bait, make sure it is rigged up.

Summer Tactics:

When fishing during summer, the best time to fish is at night as it gives you intensity and allows you to cover the water and get as much fish as you can. When you cast the lure during this season, it is just a matter of time that you will be able to catch the trophy fish.

Observe how the fishes respond. If they are not hooked, you can either use without a trailer or shorter trailer.

4. Be Flexible With Your Techniques

The success of your fishing would depend not just on the lure you are going to use but as well as your ability to adapt to the current condition. You should be flexible and be willing to change your fishing techniques. If you are fishing during cold weather, you have to go slower when you retrieve the bait.

When the fish is really active, it gets much easier as chatterbaits have a lot of action. And since chatterbaits can be used in different ways, it gives fishes a different presentation.

Watch this video to see how to fish a chatterbait in real time action. 

Fishing is surely a fun, challenging and rewarding company. By simply following these steps, you are guaranteed to have successful fishing. Chatterbaits are not just popular without a reason; they are effective lures to help you maximize your effort and time.

So I think now you know how to fish a chatterbait! Interested in this type of lures? Kindly see this topic to know on how to tie a chatterbait for the first step to fishing with this type of awesome lure.

Do you have any other tips to share? Leave us a comment! I would love to hear from you!

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