How to Fish a Senko Using Effective Tactics?

How to Fish a Senko Using Effective Tactics?

Do you want to learn the best tactics to fish using a Senko or are you simply confused with what exactly is a Senko? Senko is nothing but an extremely lucrative fishing bait designed by angling expert Gary Yamamoto. It is important to know how to fish a Senko rightly to attract more fish and understand techniques to be used while using the bait.

The Senko baits are popular for their texture, density and shape that helps in catching fish through its natural movement. Senkos are custom baits available in different colors, shape and size. Senko is plastic worm bait that has the tendency to attract fishes and maximize the catch productivity. It is one of the popular bass fishing methods.


Generally, they look like worms extending to a length of 3 to 10 inches and is impregnated with salt that gives the fish a realistic taste. This topic is enlightening, especially for those who want to walk back home with a grand feast for dinner. Senko baits can be used in various ways to catch fish and you will find a lot of tactics and tricks as you continue reading this guide on fishing with a Senko.

Tactics You Need To Know To Catch Maximum Using Senko

Senko can be used in various types and it is important to know tactics to rig a Senko. Depending upon the type of fishing, weight or weightless rigging can be done to fish using a Senko.

Do you want to learn great Senko tactics? Do you want to know the best way to send Senko down the water and attract the bass? Read on, the simple and effective techniques are up on the list. So, here is what you need to fish a Senko.

What You'll Need


Tbuymax Wacky Worms O-Rings for Senko & Stick soft Baits (100 Pcs for 4&5


Weightless Rig – They are the best choice and most effective way to fish the Senko. The Senko sinks down the water gradually in floating motion and wiggles like baitfish as it falls. Without weight, the Senko slowly flutters through the water and falls horizontally in a controlled way.

It is important to control the slack line because if the line is too tight, Senko will fall off stiffly. Make sure that the slack line is neither too tight nor loose for natural wiggle and flutter action of the Senko. Wacky Rigging is better than Texas Rig as the rig curls through the Senko.

Weighted Senko – This is generally not the most preferred tactic for fishing using a Senko but works well when you want the Senko to move to the bottom quickly. The weighted bait swims down towards the base and with simple gliding and swimming movement tends to attract fish. A weighted Senko generally goes to the bottom, a great choice while angling under unfavorable conditions.

Some great rigs for Senko on Amazon:

Last update on 2018-08-20 PST - Details


While using Senko bait, one can choose to use offset or straight shank hook. It is better to use offset hook as it clings to the bait efficiently. It prevents slipping of the soft bait from hook easily and is best for weightless Senkos. On using sinker, straight shank hook is better.

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Fishing Rod

Entsport 2-Piece Spinning Rod Graphite Portable Spinning Fishing Rod Inshore Spinning Pole Freshwater Spin Rod (8-20-Pound Test)

Entsport 2-Piece Spinning Rod Graphite Portable Spinning Fishing Rod Inshore Spinning Pole Freshwater Spin Rod (8-20-Pound Test). Via:

This is the most important gear while fishing using a Senko. It is preferable to use longer rods while using Senkos as baits. The length of the rod is integral so that you can use the bait for fishing both in shallow and deep water. Longer rods help in gliding the Senko swiftly, and without disturbing it the rod can be lifted. The lift and glide technique of bass fishing works well while using Senko as bait.

Last update on 2018-08-20 PST - Details

Fishing Line

KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line - Abrasion Resistant Braided Lines – Incredible Superline – Zero Stretch – Smaller Diameter – A Must-Have!

KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line - Abrasion Resistant Braided Lines – Incredible Superline – Zero Stretch – Smaller Diameter – A Must-Have! Via:

It is important to carefully choose the line so that there is no impact on the action of Senko. There are different types of lines that can be used but the braided line with the blend of mono or fluorocarbon line is best. It strikes the right balance while casting the rod.

Last update on 2017-09-08 PST - Details

Steps on how to Fish Using a Senko

Senko is designed with flexible motion and it flutters slowly through the water as it moves down. It is not difficult to go angling using a Senko, but you need to take care of the casting and line placement. Here are the few steps of using a Senko to fish out your dinner delicacy.

Step #1: Prepare the Senko

The first step is to prepare the Senko and use rigs accordingly. You can use Texas or Wacky rigs and hook the Senko. The hooked Senko can then be attached to the line at the end. The first part of preparation is deciding factors like weight or weightless Senko, kind of hook used, rig type etc.

Yamamoto Senko

Yamamoto Senko. Via:

Step #2: Cast

Next step is to cast the rod along with the line that has the Senko attached to it. Slowly cast the rod and let the line float on the water surface. Pay attention to the detail of the line. It starts with the line floating on the surface and as the Senko slowly sinks down, the line tends to move down along with it.

Step #3: Check for the Line Distance

As the Senko moves down, the line tends to move along. Once the line stops moving, the worm has sunk to the bottom. Let it stay like that for few seconds and if nothing happens, slowly roll the reel up the slack and let the Senko wiggle. After that, let it again remain steady for a while and continue doing the same until the bass is caught.

Step #4: Look for Unnatural Movement

Keep a careful watch and try to find unnatural movement on the line. If the line jumps for a couple of times, it is time for you to realize that a fish has held the worm. Move the line very carefully and if you feel the weight, reel up the rod and maybe, you have the grand prize right in front of you.

Watch this video for real action how to fish a Senko:

Top Tips

  • It is difficult to see a floating line in extremely windy conditions but regular practice can help you reduce the slack. Also remember, a slack is easily removed when a fish strikes.
  • Senko is not the most durable bait, hence, is great for maximum two or three catches.
  • Whacky rigged weightless Senko is the best grab as they help in catching maximum fish as they wiggle slowly through the water.
Fish a senko for catfish

Fish a senko for catfish


Don't you think fishing using a Senko is easy and effective? Did you enjoy the Senko fishing tutorial and tactics? The list of items needed for Senko fishing is important as they are gears which make fishing efficient. Paying close attention to the line is very important since it gives an idea if the big feast is caught or not.

It gives an idea of what the Senko is up to and if it has sunk down. As beginners, practice more and pay attention to the details of the line while casting the rod.

If you have any questions regarding how to fish a Senko, do feel free to leave a comment and I will be happy to answer your queries.

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