How To Gut A Trout To Clean It Properly From Inside?

How To Gut A Trout To Clean It Properly From Inside?

Did you catch a trout for tonight’s dinner? Do you want to know how to gut and clean a trout in the most simplified manner? Well, trout is a delicious fish with soft flesh and by acquiring skills like gutting the trout; it becomes extremely easy to remove the unwanted portion from the abdomen. Are you wondering why it is important to gut a trout?

First of all, being a fish lover, there is immense satisfaction in eating a trout that is freshly caught and cleaned properly. It is of vital importance to clean the fish and remove the gut portion to avoid the risk of diseases and the fish tasting like crap. If you have ever wondered how to gut a trout, the process is very simple but need a little bit of precision.


Now, when we talk about gutting the trout, it is the removal of the gut portion, intestines, and spine along the length of the fish. It opens up the trout flat making it easy to process.

What Do You Need To Gut A Trout?

Well, gutting a trout is not complicated if you have the right skill set and things needed to gut it. There are simple tools and equipment you would need to gut and clean a trout. So, here are things that you need to keep handy.

  • Fillet Board

Rapala Fillet Board With 6-Inch Fillet Knife/Single-Stage Sharpener

Fillet Board. Via:

It is a flat board which gives a clean cutting surface and helps to comfortably position the trout while cutting it from the sides. Instead of a fillet board, you can use a flat surface also but using fillet board holds the fish with clamps making it easy to cut open.

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  • Good Quality Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army 6 Inch Fibrox Pro Boning Knife with Flexible Blade.

Fillet Knife With Fillet's Trout. Via:

Fillet knife is the most important tool while gutting the trout. In order to cut open the fish from its side, the knife must be sharp. Using a slightly flexible knife is better to prevent injury while cutting open the trout.

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  • Water

Fresh Water

Fresh Water

This is again important so that you can wash the fish once the gut is removed. Also, before you start cutting open the trout, make sure the flat surface or board used for placing the fish is cleaned with water.

Step By Step Instruction Of Gutting A Trout

Gutting the trout is important to remove all the unwanted parts of its abdomen along with the blood lining. This process opens up the fish into a flat surface and makes it perfect for baking, frying or grilling.

Trout Fish with Fillet Fish Knife Prepare to Cook

Trout Fish with Fillet Fish Knife Prepare to Cook

Trust me, I have done this now for a long time and it is not that difficult. Perhaps, it might take three or four attempts to attain the skills for gutting the trout perfectly but it is easy. Simply follow these instructions step by step.

Step #1

The first step starts with cleaning the fish. It starts with cleaning the outer part of the fish by removing the scales and washing it properly. This removes dirt particles from the fish.

You can use a scalper to remove the scales and removing the scales eliminates contaminants present on the external surface. Alternately, you can also choose to skin the fish.

Step #2

Once the outer surface of the trout is cleaned, prepare to gut it. Place the trout on a flat surface like fillet board. Use a sharp knife to cut open the trout by turning it to one side. Hold the trout and start cutting it cleanly from bottom till its pectoral fins in one straight line.

How To Gut A Trout

How To Gut A Trout

Make sure the cut pass the pectoral fins. The fins are located between the gills and slitting open the gut till the pectoral fins make removing the gut easy.

Step #3

Once the cut is made till the pectoral fin on one side of the fish, turn it over and make an incision on the head. Cut the head till a point where it reaches the pectoral fin on the other side. Hold the head, scope out and remove the gut along with the internal organs via the open side that was previously cut open from bottom to pectoral fin.

Step #4

After removing all the organs from the open side, make sure you scrape out the spine with your finger or spoon. It is a blood red line that extends from head to tail and is visible as you cut open the trout and remove the organs. Make sure you remove all the traces of organs and spine.

How To Gut A Trout

How To Gut A Trout

Step #5

After internal organs, gut and spine are removed, the trout opens into a flat structure. Make sure you wash the trout properly and remove the slime layer from the outer surface of the trout. Cut off any remaining fins. You can now use the trout for cooking immediately or can store it in the refrigerator.

The instructions of gutting a trout are indeed easy, is not it? By following the step by step instructions and being a little precise, you can soon become an expert. Removing the gut and unwanted organs without damaging the flesh requires some amount of skill and with time, you sure will gain the same.

Now, in order to help you with the practical demonstration of the steps, here is a video showing gutting of a trout.


Do you still have any confusion on how to gut a trout? Did you enjoy reading the simple and easy procedure for gutting and cleaning the trout? It is important to gut the trout and remove the inner organs along with spine to enjoy the fresh and real flavor of trout. Now catching a trout with all the vivid gear options available in the market is no more difficult.

How To Gut A Fresh Trout At The River Bank

How To Gut A Fresh Trout At The River Bank

If you have any questions or feedbacks, you can comment in the section below and I will be happy to clarify all your doubts. The process of gutting the trout look very simple but without precision, it may end up to be a hassle. Make sure that you do not let the organs break open while pulling out the gut.

Once The Gutting Of The Trout Is Over:

  • Make sure to clean the surface used for gutting
  • Do clean the spine properly and wash it with water

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