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Tips On How To Make Catfish Bait

Fishing for catfish should be uncomplicated, but that doesn’t mean that a smart angler should not have a couple of tricks up his sleeve. One of the tricks should be having the most suitable bait. Determining the appropriate bait to use for fishing a particular type of fish could be a major contributing factor to rewarding results regarding an angler catching a large amount of fish.

Catfish use their sense of smell and touch to look for food. The catfish spend much of their time deep underwater where visibility is poor. Appealing baits are those with strong odor since the catfish have a strong sense of smell.

If you follow the recommended tips in this article, you might be a very lucky angler in catching a large number of catfish without putting in much effort.


Tips On How To Make Catfish Bait

There are a variety of baits which can be used to lure catfish. Some of them are crayfish, night crawlers, and minnows. There are other commercial baits such as stink baits, chicken liver, and ivory soap. It is important to match the size of the bait to that of the fish.

Cut bait is appropriate when big channels are your target. They are pieces of sliced bait-fish. You can prepare them in several ways, which are illustrated below. You are at liberty to choose the most suitable one.

Prepare CatFish Bait

Prepare CatFish Bait

  • You can fillet strips from the sides or belly of the fish and save the carcass and entrails for later use as baits.
  • You can also cut the bait in chunks, the head, midsection, and tail separately.

In water with catfish which weigh over 5 or 6 pounds, you can use pieces which are about two inches thick or strips of cut bait which are of the same width. Baits which are of a thickness of about 3 to 4 inches are used in waters which have bigger catfish.

Oily fish such as shad, herring, and goldeye can also be used as baits by anglers since the body fluids from these baits attract catfish from over long distances.

Basically, live or dead fish are suitable baits for fishing catfish, for instance, bluegill, shiners or perch. To keep them fresh, you can store them in coolers filled with cold water or ice to make them tougher and stronger so that they can stay on the hook longer to ensure that the catfish gets enough time to be stuck on the hook.

Those are the baits that are readily available for use. They only need a little modification to make them suit the angler’s specifications. Despite that being easier, many anglers prefer to make their homemade catfish bait. Having the right bait is an assurance that you will get a big catfish which will make you feel appreciated for your bait making an effort.

Recipes For Homemade Catfish Bait

There are a couple of catfish bait making procedures, but I have picked out my best bait making recipes and illustrated them well enough to ensure that your cat fishing spree will be a success.

Recipe #1: Cream Corn Homemade Catfish Bait

What Will You Need

  • Oats
  • Cream
  • ​Corn starch
  • Bacon drippings or any other leftover grease
  • Cornmeal

*The ingredients should be enough to make the required amount of bait.

What Should You Do

  • Mix cream corn and grease
  • Warm the grease till it melts
  • Combine all the ingredients and make balls which are of your desired size.

Recipe #2: Wheaties Catfish Bait

What Will You Need

  • Wheaties cereal
  • Hamburger
  • Garlic
  • Water
  • Used cooking oil

*The ingredients should be enough to make the required amount of bait.

What Should You Do

  • Mix all the ingredients
  • Add water as you stir the ingredient till the mixture gets doughy.
  • Make balls of your preferred size.

Cat Fish Hooked

Recipe #3: Liver Loaf Catfish Bait

What Will You Need

  • Dark molasses
  • A loaf of bread or some loaves that will be enough to make the requires amount of baits

*The ingredients should be sufficient to make the necessary amount of bait.

What Should You Do

  • Have the chicken liver chopped into small pieces
  • Mix the molasses and chicken livers then add the bread
  • Knead with your hands till you attain a formable consistency
  • Create balls of your preferred size from the consistency.

Recipe #4: Stink Bait 

What Will You Need

  • Livers
  • Flour
  • Garlic salt
  • Sardline oil
  • Strawberry jell
  • An egg

*The ingredients should be enough to make the required amount of bait.

What Should You Do

  • Blend the liver till it liquefies
  • Get an empty jar and empty it there
  • Add all other ingredients and mix till it gets thick
  • Cover the mixture for about two complete days.
Live Catfish

Live Catfish

There are several factors to consider before deciding on whether it is reasonable for you to make a homemade catfish bait. I have listed some of them which will help you assess whether you would rather buy catfish baits which have already been manufactured or would make your catfish bait.

  • Is it better to use a hook whose functionality is assured and has already been proven or to rely on your homemade baits which are most likely experimental?
  • Are you willing to take your time to make your catfish bait which will consume a lot of your time and energy?
  • Do you have a place to make your baits where you will not bother other people since the baits do have a strong odor?
  • Is making your homemade catfish bait more expensive compared to purchasing the already prepared baits?
  • Are you willing to take the risk by making a catfish bait which might end up disappointing you?


I prefer making a catfish bait since I find the homemade catfish bait to be more efficient and cheaper compared to those which have already been made. The manufacturers may have used the exact ingredients I use to make my homemade baits. With the tips in the article, you can easily catch a good number of catfish since they can’t stand a chance against an angler who knows how to make homemade catfish bait.

I do hope that you enjoyed learning about how to make various homemade catfish baits as well as how to decide on the best bait to use when fishing for catfish

For any questions, suggestions or comments please let us know in the comments section. Feel free to share this article to interested people if you find it informative.

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