A Quick Guide On How To Sharpen Ice Auger Blades

A Quick Guide On How To Sharpen Ice Auger Blades

As an angler who loves ice fishing, there is nothing as important as having my ice auger always in good shape. A properly sharpened blade adds up to my comfort and confidence when I go out on an ice fishing spree. I prefer to sharpen my blades so that I can keep my ice auger in the best form and also to ensure that no single part of my blade gets ruined.

I will give you a guideline on how to sharpen your ice auger blade as you maintain the factory angle of the cutting edge. This will help you to sharpen your ice auger blades without the risk of ruining them.


Why Need To Know Sharpen Ice Auger Blades?

For your ice auger blades to perform exceptionally well while you are fishing in the icy areas, they need to be sharp enough. While there are places where you can take your ice auger blades to be sharpened for you at a cost, it is always good to learn how to sharpen your ice auger blades on your own so that you can save the money you could have spent doing so and use it on other more pressing issues.

Ice Fishing with Ice Auger

Ice Fishing with Ice Auger

Take Care Of The Edge

To keep your ice auger in good shape, you need to maintain the blades in good shape to ensure that you maximize on the ice auger usage. At the same time avoid spending more money on blades after having some of them ruined. To add to that, you should know how to get the right edge on your auger.

Ice Auger Need To Be Sharpen

Ice Auger Need To Be Sharpen

Tips To Help You Get The Best Edge

To Remember

  • Remove the blades from the ice auger carefully to avoid losing the shims which will be used when fixing the blades.
  • Carefully examine the blades and accurately determine the side that should be sharpened and the proper angle of your blade. Trial and error may be applicable when trying this out. Ensure that there is enough light to help you achieve perfection.
  • ​For an entirely blunt blade start sharpening it with a medium grit, then a fine grit stone. Do not use a coarse grit. Having a replacement blade would be the best option in such an instance.
  • ​Ensure that when going for ice fishing sprees you carry the right tool to use when removing blades and spare shims.
  • ​Always test the blades on the ice to determine if the angle is correct.
  • When the blades get blunt, do not try to force them into the ice since it will damage them beyond having them sharpened again.
  • Before drilling into the ice, spray the bottom of the auger and the blades with silicone to prevent ice from building up on the auger.
  • ​If it turns out to be difficult when drilling into the ice, do not lift the auger and bang it down because this will bend the blades. This will make you incur an extra cost of replacing the blade or buying another auger altogether.
  • When moving your blades from the auger, prevent the edges from hitting each other by wrapping them in a soft cloth.

To Avoid​

  • ​Avoid tampering with the angle of the blade since that would most likely make to chip and bend.
  • ​Avoid over-sharpening the blades because the loss of too much metal will cause the blade to be useless at some point.

Another seven tips for a sharp ice auger from Mike Bleech. 

Step-By-Step Procedure On How To Sharpen Ice Auger Blades

Method 1

Step #1: Lay the file flat on the surface of the cutting edge in a way that the file spans the entire surface of the blade. Make slow strokes then progress to making faster strokes. With time, the surface starts to develop. Ensure that you take caution, such as by placing the blades on a vice or put on a pair of gloves to avoid getting cuts.

Step #2: Hold the file with one hand while you file upward with the other hand. Stroke the edge forward only considering that most metals are designed to function in only one direction. Stroke the file up the narrow edge of the center point in the same direction as the shaft of the auger. At this point, the cutting edge is flat and even.

Step #3: Make a few more strokes once a straight edge has been re-established. Touch it up within the outings to make it get to its best.


This method is applicable only with flat surface cutting edges. Its simplicity makes me prefer to use the augers with flat surface cutting edges. It is possible to sharpen them while at any place and at any time.

Method 2

Fish and Ice Auger

Fish and Ice Auger


The following are some of the items that you need to be able to effectively sharpen the blades of your ice auger.

  • Set of blades
  • Three stones
  • ​Honing stone (fine in texture)
  • ​A rag to wipe the blades
  • A coarse


Step #1: Start by grinding out all the crap, burrs, dings and chips from the bevel.

Step #2: Lay the blade flat on the coarse stone. The side that faces you when you cut should face down, and the cutting edge is should face you. Roll it upward with the blade facing towards you till you feel it hit the bevel.

Step #3: At this stage, grind the blade on a stone of medium roughness at the same angle as in step 2 till the blade is polished.

Step #4: Sharpen the blade on the honing stone just like in the previous two steps till it gets polished.

Step #5: At this step, continue honing the blade the same way, only at a different angle of about 38-40 degrees.

Step #6: After the completion of this step, you will have attained a nice and smooth edge of a width which is approximately like that of a thick piece of thread. The blades will then be ready for use.

By papadarv. Via: fishingminnesota.com


Always ensure that you give your blades the best maintenance by using them appropriately and ensuring that you sharpen them appropriately too. With that, you can be sure that your auger will serve you well because you will, in turn, get your fish faster, call it a day and get a meal for the day.

Ice Fishing Spot

Ice Fishing Spot

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