How To Tie A Chatterbait? This Instructions Help You To Tie A Chatterbait

How To Tie A Chatterbait : Tips And Techniques

Fishing is an all-year-round activity and to have a great catch, using lures is essential. Among the most popular choices widely used by anglers is the chatterbait. This type of lure is popular for a reason. There are actually different kinds of lures that you can use in your fishing activity. Yet, chatterbaits will always be the first bet among anglers since it is very easy to use and.

It gives you flexibility as you can use it in different kinds of ways. But to have a successful catch, you need to know how a chatterbait works, how to tie a chatterbait and how you should use it. For beginners, this can take some time but eventually you will get used to using this type of lure.

Just keep on reading and we will give you the information and tips that you need to use chatterbaits in the most efficient manner possible for a better catch!


What Fish You Can Catch?

Basically, the chatterbait is used for largemouth bass. Since this type of lure involves a lot of action, it is very effective, especially when drawing strikes from fishes that actively feed. Since chatterbaits can also be used in various means and ways, it makes it really easier for you to attract and catch fish with the sound that it makes (i.e. splashing or ratting). Depending on the season and the location where you want to catch fish, using a chatterbait will give you the best fishes from bass

Large Mouth Bass fish

A fisherman holding a big largemouth bass

How To Tie A Chatterbait

Chatterbait is a widely popular choice when fishing. But many find it a challenge to tie a chatterbait. How to tie a chatterbait? You can directly tie it at the snap located in front of the blade. Once it is already tied to the snap, you can now start using it. You may also want to use a Palomar knot and have it snagged on the bait. Make use of the different fishing techniques and cast it out on water.

Learn how to tie a chatterbait and how to use it by watching this step by step video:

Tips For Fishing With A Chatterbait

Now that you know how to tie a chatterbait and how it works, here are some tips from pros to help you maximize your effort while catching fish. Learning the different techniques and strategies in using chatterbaits can save you time and can maximize your efforts in catching plenty of fishes.

Fish get hooked with chatterbait

Fish get hooked with chatterbait

1. Know The Right Size And Right Color

Think of the weight size is you are using this lure as a jig. The best size ranges from 3/8 to 5/8 oz. In terms of the color, the best colors would be pumpkin, black and blue, brown and orange. Using a blade color is also nice depending on what you deem effective to use.

Colors Chatterbait

Colors Chatterbait

2. Use It A Spinnerbait

Another way to use a chatterbait is to use it like a spinnerbait. What is nice in using this type of lure is that you do not have to be a professional just to use it and to have a good catch. When you already cast the lure and you do it right, you will be amazed at the excellent results.

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3. The Blade Should Be Close To The Head

When using a chatterbait, the blade should be close to the head in order to have more action. Why? More action makes it more attractive and enticing for fishes especially since a chatterbait produces sound. This alone can attract fishes that actively feed on water.

4. Have Quick Speed Retrieve

Chatterbaits have lots of action which make it an effective lure. But it does not stop there, and it is also in the way you retrieve. One good tip when retrieving the lure is you do it every 4 or either 5 reel turns. Have a fast speed when you retrieve for a more intense and erratic action. Be flexible with your techniques and try which one works best for you.

5. Know When And Where To Use It

Bass fishing in the morning at sunrise

Florida bass fisherman in early morning fog on river

Knowing when and where to use a chatterbait is also essential. What is helpful with this kind of lure is you can basically use it in a broad range of situations. For anglers, the best conditions like stained water and those that have vegetation. If the water is really clear, you might as well use a lure that looks more natural. In a muddy water, chatterbait is more efficient as it can make an easy target. During the pre-spawn spring period, chatterbaits are considered to be the best to use especially when bass are actively feeding. You can also use this lure successfully during warm weather in summer.

Working With Chatterbaits

A chatterbait gives you more leeway when it comes to the way you want to retrieve fish. There are instances where you can just cast the lure out and then take it back with a much steadier retrieve. You may also add some twitches and pauses to draw strikes. When casting out the lure, make sure that it is close to the surface.

Chatterbaits without a doubt are still considered to be the best type of lure that you can use during fishing. Depending on when and what kind of species you want to catch, it will not disappoint. But to get the most out of this lure and for you to succeed in your fishing activity, you need to know how to works, how to tie a chatterbait and the different techniques to use it when catching fish.

Chatterbaits come in different sizes and varying colors. Simply choose a chatterbait that looks more natural as a natural bait to make it more effective. And don’t forget to follow the steps and the tips in using chatterbait for a great catch.

After finish your chatterbait If you still have concerns or questions how to fish a chatterbait let find out here for your more information. 

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