Complete Instructions on How to Use a Slip Bobber

Complete Instructions On How To Use A Slip Bobber

Do you want to know the best technique to fish out your feast for the night? Have you ever wondered how to include a slip bobber into your fishing and become an experienced angler?

Slip bobber has many advantages over fixed bobbers and help in suspending the bait as deep as you like. Before starting with everything you need to know about how to use a slip bobber, let's discuss what exactly a slip bobber is.


They are basically a float that slide on your line. There is a bobber stop that is placed at a position where you want to suspend the bait. The bobber stop controls the depth of the fishing by adjusting the position of the slip bobber. Using the slip bobber, the depth is adjustable regardless of how shallow or deep you are attempting to fish.

They are inexpensive, light and streamline the overall fishing experience. The bait can be suspended from the slip bobber and its length is adjustable. Depending on the depth you want to fish, you can simply set the bobber stop accordingly. For an example, if you want to fish at a depth of 5 feet, all you need to do is push the bobber stop 5 feet from the hook.

What Do You Need To Start Fishing Using Slip Bobber?

While using a slip bobber for angling and fishing, there are certain pre-requisites. The bobber is not enough as to make the complete thing functional, other accessory gears are required. So, here are the things we need to start angling using a slip bobber.

Slip Bobber

Slip Bobber.

Slip Bobber. Via:

It is a float that slides along the line and helps in fishing in both shallow and deep water. It is important to choose the right slip bobber.

Make sure it is light, inexpensive and streamlined. They are available in various shape and size. The bobber float on the water and has the bait suspended beneath it.

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Bobber Stop 

Bobber Stopper

Bobber Stopper. Via:

It is a critical element which helps in controlling the depth of fishing. It is placed ahead of the slip bobber towards the rod side on the line. It helps in adjusting the length and makes it possible to suspend the bait from slip bobber as deep as you want. By moving the bobber stop up and down, the distance can be adjusted.

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It is placed between bobber stop and the slip bobber. It is available in various sizes and it slides freely on the line until it reaches the stop. It is important to use the bead to avoid the slip bobber passing past the bobber stop.

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Depending on the kind of fish you want to catch, hooks are available in various sizes. It is attached to the end of the line through which the bait is suspended.

Fishing Hook

Hook. Via:

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They are added in between the hook and the slip bobber keeping some gap from each other. Generally, two sinkers are enough. It adds weight to the line after slip bobber and helps it to suspend from the slip bobber. A sliding sinker works well as it helps in easily changing the slip bobber.

Slip Bobbers

Slip Bobbers

Step by Step Instruction on using the Slip Bobber

The steps for using a slip bobber for fishing is very easy and following the instructions step by step will make it completely easy. Here is what you need to do to use the slip bobber:

Step #1

The first and foremost thing is to attach a bobber stop to the line. The bobber stop is a small narrow plastic tube and you need to run the line through it. Make sure that the stop moves through the line with some resistance by pulling the string efficiently. The stop can slide up and down to control the fishing depth.

Step #2

Use an appropriate bead size and attach it to the line. It should be free to slide along the line. Bead is important to prevent the slip bobber from crossing past the bobber stop.

Step #3

The third step is attaching the slip bobber which is available again in various shapes and size. In order to attach the slip bobber, simply run it through the line. The construction now has slip bobber, bead and bobber stop.

Step #4

At the end of the line, add a hook of appropriate size. They are available depending on the type of fish you need to fish out. Tie the hook to the line end and use a strong knot so that it does not snap away.

Step #5

Next step is adding a little weight to the line so that the line suspends from the slip bobber underneath the water. Without adding weights, the line might not slide through. The easiest way to add appropriate weight is to pinch slip shot sinkers on the line between hook and slip bobber. It must be pinched a few inches away from the hook.

This step by step instruction is to help you tie the needful things one by one to the line. The bobber stop can slide up and down along the line which decides the desired length of fishing. For example, if you want to suspend the line 6 inches below water push the stop 6 inches above the hook.

On casting the line, slip bobber will float and it will send down the 6 inches of line with a hook and bait below water. Depending on the length required, stop bobber can be adjusted.

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Slip Bobbers

Slip Bobbers

Did you like the simple and step by step method of using a slip bobber? Don't you think using a slip bobber is easy if you align the line appropriately? Slip bobbers might not be the most effective fishing gear but it does help to control the fishing length. I guess by now you do understand how to use a slip bobber for catching more fishes at variable water length.

If you have any questions regarding any of the steps, I would love to answer them for you. Do drop me a mail in case you have any queries.

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