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How To Keep Your Goldfish Healthy

Goldfish is a very popular and attractive fish among the pet fish lovers due to its gleaming body color, easy to care for and hardiness. It is suitable for any size aquarium and fish lovers of all ages can easily take care of them.

Hence it makes the ideal pet for beginner’s fish keepers. They can live up to 10 years, but you can double that number if you take proper care. To make your goldfish happy and healthy, proper care should be maintained. In this case, you should provide the ideal environment for your goldfish.

Characteristics Of Healthy Goldfish

There are some sign or signals to determine healthy fish:

  • Healthy fish shows bright color;
  • They have shiny and clear eyes;
  • They move frequently in the tank water;
  • They take food regularly;
  • The body does not contain any white spot;
  • They have upright fins and shiny scales;

Steps For Keeping Your Goldfish Healthy

Creating a Healthy Tank

Goldfish require at least a 10 gallons aquarium with enough room to swim around. You never keep your goldfish in a fish-bowl because it doesn’t provide enough space for them. If you keep more fish in a fish tank, we recommend you to provide 6 gallons space for one goldfish.

Goldfish is an active jumper and tank should be covered with a lid or hood to prevent the fish from jumping out.

Goldfish tank should have a lot of objects and plants which increases beautiful aesthetics in your tank. The live plants also provide hiding space, help in the breakdown of toxins and lessen algae growth. The tank should be furnished with rocks which make breeding spot for beneficial bacteria.

Never use sharp objects such as rocks that could harm your goldfish. In this case, you should use comparatively larger rocks to avoid swallowing them. You can also use a mirror or toys in the bottom of the tank to keep your fish entertained. They also make your tank good looking and create a decent atmosphere for your goldfish.

Rock, driftwood, and sea-shells are used in the tank as ornaments which are dissolved in the tank water and finally affect the pH and staining the water. In this case, all accessories should be cleaned carefully using strong water flow to remove any dirt before adding to the fish tank. All ornaments should have a smooth edge to prevent any injury.

Maintaining Suitable Temperature

The ideal temperature for your goldfish should be ranged from 18 to 20 0C. Temperature needs to be checked daily to provide optimal temperatures. If there is a temperature above 22 0C in a fish tank for long period of time, which may cause oxygen deficiency in the tank water leading to an unhealthy goldfish.

The tank should be placed in a quiet area where direct sunlight is not available during the day. Generally, you should place the aquarium away from doors or windows to ensure the constant temperature of the water. You should not use spray insect repellants in the room where your fish tank is located. This type of spray can kill your fish.

Installing Air Pump and Filtration

To improve your goldfish health, an air pump should be installed to increase the oxygen level in the tank water by making bubbles hence your goldfish can breathe easily. The tanks should also have filtration system which will keep the water purified by removing harmful chemicals and waste and make the aquarium environment healthy.

Providing Balanced Food

Goldfish are omnivorous and its food comprises plant material and animal which can fit into their mouths. The animal foods mainly consist of bloodworms, shrimp, krill, Cyclops, Daphnia, insect larvae etc.

The fish fry and juvenile fish require high protein diet for optimum growth but the adult fish requires more plant material in the diet. To keep your fish happy and healthy, you should use live or frozen food and high-quality goldfish flake food daily. You can also feed rinsed peas as plant matters.

Do not give excess food and excess food will rot in the tank and contaminate the water. To prevent food waste, feed them only a small pinch of food that they can finish around feeding time.

Providing Good Water Quality

To keep the water quality high, you should clean the fish tank every other day by replacing the water. In this case, 20–50% water changes should be done weekly or bi-weekly which is sufficient to maintain good health of your goldfish.

Regular changing of water regulates pH and it removes nutrients which is responsible for excess algae growth in your fish tank. Generally, a partial water change is required when the pH drops below 7.0, the ammonia level is above zero or the nitrate level rises above 20 ppm.

Ideal pH level should be ranged from 7.0 to 7.6. In a newly set up aquarium, ammonia level increases due to the biological establishment of the filter. In this case, ammonia poisoning becomes dangerous and kills your fish if you do not take preventive measures immediately.

You should not use tap water because it contains chlorine which can kill the fish very quickly. If you use tap water, then you should treat your tap water using a conditioner to neutralize chlorine and remove harmful additives that can be found in tap water.

In this case, you can buy water de-chlorinator which is available in the pet supply stores with reasonable price. To remove chlorine naturally, you can also sit out water for a few days to allow the chlorine to drive out.

Preventing Diseases

Goldfish is a hardy fish but sometimes they are susceptible to diseases due to poor tank management. Common diseases are white-spot or ich, fin rot, constipation, fungus, anchor worm, and popeye etc.

To treat your fish, you should remove the sick fish from the fish tank and place it in a quarantine tank. In this case, a salt bath is very effective against any goldfish diseases.

Final Words

It is very challenging to keep your goldfish healthy in a fish tank. Both beginners and experienced fish keepers are facing problems to keep goldfish from time to time. If you keep goldfish in a tank, always maintain a healthy environment. In this case, regular changing of water is very essential.

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