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How To Pick The Best Waterproof Backpack-Buyer Guide’s (2019)

Whether you’re a hunter, a trekker, a hiker, a photographer, a soldier, an adventure-lover, a kayakingenthusiast, an office employee, a student, or someone who likes keeping things organized, the bestwaterproof backpack will be the dream.

However, with thousands of brands, models, and types to choose from, how do you choose the perfectmatch for your lifestyle? In this article, I will do my best to tell you just how!


Five Best Waterproof Backpack Reviews

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of waterproof backpack features, I just want to give you a brief review about five of my favorite backpacks on the market today. Later, you’ll know more about the criteria Iused in choosing them, plus other information I think will be helpful.

​1. CVLIFE Outdoor Tactical Backpack- Editor’s pick as the Best Waterproof Backpack

Despite its compact package and appearance, this tactical backpack by CVLIFE offers a rucksack style capacity and durability.

Not only does it feature an attractive design but I also love the construction. It is both waterproof andrugged, which allows me to survive for long days under the harsh and unpredictable weather.

Another feature that I love about this backpack is its 30-liter capacity, which is ideal because it’s not toobig nor too small for secure and safe storage of gear and equipment.

The numerous compartments are also conveniently positioned and easily accessible. The bulk can even be reduced using the cinch straps. Aside from compressing the backpack, this also allows me to balance the weight even for trips when full capacity or the pack is not filled or necessary.

The waterproof design uses 600D nylon material that is sturdy and strong yet lightweight. This also ensures that my stuff is protected from any kind of weather and condition outside, avoiding unwanted damage due to water and wind.

Features like the chest strap, waist cinch, and shoulder straps allow you to carry it securely and comfortably for hours. These also balance the weight and relieve the stress on your shoulders and back.The straps are also adjustable and customizable for your height and built.

Another feature that I truly like is the bag’s MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment)compatibility that allows me to adjust, customize, and add pockets or compartments. The camouflage colors and strong construction are also a plus.​


  • Compact design but can expand to 30 liters
  • Efficient weight balancing feature
  • Compresses your stuff to minimize bulk
  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight material


  • Smaller in capacity and size than most tactical backpacks
  • No MOLLE webbing or pocket for a hydration bladder
  • The harness can be bothersome and difficult to remove
  • The most accessible pockets and pouches are located at the back

​2. Huntvp 40L Tactical Daypack- Alternative Pick

With a larger capacity than the Huntvp 25L, I can fit so much more in this backpack, making it ideal forlonger camping trips and travels.

The material used is a high-quality scratch-resistant nylon that does not fade easily even when exposed to changing the weather. The bag does not only keep your things safe and dry but is also sure to lastlong without rotting with constant use in wet weather or even underwater.

It has several different sized pockets in front, on top, at the bottom, and at the back perfect for yoursmartphone, tablet, laptop, other gadgets, and equipment.

The strong buckles are also durable and will not be deformed or cracked easily. This backpack also features a large main compartment, an internal pocket with zipper, and a separate division and compartment for a hydration bladder.

Other features that are worth noting are the two-way zippers and padded chest, waist, and shoulder straps.


  • Much bigger size and capacity than the Huntvp 25L backpack
  • Quality is very good for its size and price
  • Numerous compartments and molle attachment points
  • The top flap allows you to carry a sleeping bag, a bedroll, or something similar
  • Works great both as an overnight bag and a daypack
  • Excellent construction and heavy duty stitching


  • The ABS plastic clips could be the first parts to break
  • No waist straps nor hydration tube route

3. TOPQSC Waterproof Outdoor Tactical Daypack - The Best Waterproof Backpack for a Limited Budget

This Tactical daypack features Oxford waterproof fabric. It can be used as a go-bag in a car or by petite people who love to go biking, mountaineering, hiking, traveling, and more.

The material is of high-quality 600D waterproof Oxford fabric that is practical, durable, scratch-proof,resistant to wear, and lightweight.

The backpack has several pouches and an interlayer for my laptop, tablet, or iPad. Back-padded andvelcro sealed, these compartments are sure to keep stuff secure and safely hidden.

The main compartment, mesh pockets, and internal computer back are also double-zipped for added security. The plastic clips, nylon straps, and zippers are also extra large to allow for easy use.

Although the capacity is relatively small, the size is just convenient for a majority of people. The breathable mesh and padding on the back make it comfortable to carry while also helping to keep my back dry all the time. The adjustable straps allow customization and minimize fatigue of the muscles andback.


  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Different sizes of multiple pockets
  • Durable and strong military fabric material
  • Solidly built
  • An optional waist belt
  • Comes at a decent, reasonable price
  • Several shades and camouflage patterns to choose from


  • The material is prone to ripping, especially at the seams even without filling it up to the maximumcapacity
  • Water can seep through the absorbent zipper material
  • Smaller than normal size

4. ArcEnCiel 20L Tactical Backpack - Upgrade pick, A high-quality Backpack for a High Price

This tactical backpack by ArcEnCiel is very effective for both regular and outdoor use. It features an array of pockets that allow for secure storage of books, a laptop, and other gadgets. The size is also ideal for daily use and can hold the essentials for a camping trip in the wild.

While it is a bit smaller than most backpacks, I personally like the compartments that keep things organized so I can fit more inside often with some room to spare.

The backpack also lets air flow freely with its thick spongy back material. This, along with the adjustable shoulder straps ensures your comfort even with long hours of carrying the bag on your back.

The rain cover also enhances its protective system against water. The buckles made of nylon are alsohigh-quality. Paired with the rot-resistant of the bag itself and proper maintenance, you are guaranteed to be using this bag for years.

It also has a sliding adjustable chest strap and a MOLLE expansion system on both sides that let me load my accessory kits, water bottle, small bags, and more pockets conveniently. The expandable space andvelcro sections also allow for practicality and personalization.

The thick padding on the back is also lined with a breathable fabric that provides ventilation and relievespressure on your spine and shoulders. It also comes with a secret zipper pocket at the bottom to put valuables like your license and wallet somewhere they will be safe but also easily accessible.


  • Intelligently positioned pockets and compartments both outside and inside
  • Breathable without sacrificing waterproof property
  • Eases burden on your muscles and back
  • Has a rain cover as an extra line of protection during heavy rainfall
  • Very affordable


  • Lacks the space for bulky gear
  • Expensive for its size and capacity
  • The rain cover is actually needed to ensure being waterproof under extremely wet conditions.

5. Huntvp 25L Military Rucksack- Best Waterproof Daypack

The best feature that I like about this rucksack is its high strength, abrasion-resistant nylon outer material that pairs remarkably well with a waterproof silky cotton interior. It also has four open pockets inside, two zipper pockets in front, and two side pockets.

The back material is made of a thick breathable sponge to allow air flow at the back and reduces weating for optimum comfort. The long and adjustable shoulder strap allows you to customize the tightness of the backpack on your shoulders and adjust the length depending on your height.

The straps are non-removable and made of quality military nylon fabric. The chest straps also have a sliding control system for easy and quick adjustment.

The bag is also lightweight at only 1.7 pounds. The color and features make it suitable for holding a day’sworth of gear for hiking, traveling, fitness trips, and other outdoor activities.

The external MOLLE expansion system is designed to accommodate other equipment with the additionof pouches, pockets, smaller bags, accessories, kits, and more.

The style and color also allow me to pair the bag with various outfits.


  • Has a lot of room for its size
  • Sturdy construction
  • Durable zippers
  • Great for hiking and traveling
  • Can handle heavy loads of even up to 20 pounds
  • Excellent quality


  • Smells unpleasant with a strong chemical stench upon arrival but the odor eventually fades
  • Maybe too small for some people
  • Several users complain of ripping and tearing of the chest straps and arm slings

Things to Consider when Looking for the best Waterproof Backpack

So what are the factors to consider when choosing the best waterproof bag? Check them out on this list:

1. The number of compartments and pockets- this maximizes the space and capacity of a backpack. However, having too many pockets could also be more of a waste than convenience.

2. Water reservoir- having a place to keep your water supply for day hikes and treks is absolutely aplus.

3. Ventilation- breathable fiber or mesh at the back ensures you won’t suffer from a sweaty backsyndrome that’s not only annoying but can also lead to more serious diseases like pneumonia.

4. Price range- of course, you want to buy the best possible product for a price that’s within your budget.

5. Storage volume- there are wide varieties of sizes and capacities of backpacks. However, the best ones are those that can be adjusted for times when you need the extra space or just want a compactbag.​

6. Style- this is not very important to me but could be for you. Style, color, patterns, and designs are especially needed for hunting trips and soldiers.

7. Materials- whenever buying anything, you want to make sure that the materials and fabric used arehigh-quality and durable not only to protect your gear and stuff but also to ensure that you’re not wasting your money.

8. Construction and features- superb materials are reduced greatly if the construction of your bag is not excellent. Added features like clips and gears to secure the back, hidden pockets, breathable backpanels, rain covers, splash-proof outer pockets, etc. can be very useful, too.​

The Difference Between Waterproof, Water-resistant, and Weatherproof

Most people assume that waterproof or water-resistant materials mean the same thing as weather proofmaterials. However, there are key differences among the three that you should know to choose bagsand containers that are the perfect fit for your needs.


​When you say waterproof, it just means that a material or bag keeps the water out. It cannot seep through or soak the material even after being submerged for at least a small period. Although different companies tend to describe the term in different ways, the general idea behind waterproofing are:

1. The clothing material has a membrane coating or layer

2. This membrane can withstand at least 7,000 mL of cylindrical water pressure

3. The seams and openings are guarded by flaps, tapes, or lamination. The zippers should also be protected by some form of material that prevents leakage of water into non-waterproofed portions.

Even if a product is labeled waterproof, however, it is not recommended to intentionally submerge it inwater for more than several minutes. It can keep your things dry during a heavy rainfall, though.

A 100% waterproof material or bag, on the other hand, ensures dryness in any condition. Usually, thesetypes not only repel water but also dust, dirt, and sand. They may also stand being fully submerged andare the best for rafting and kayaking trips.​


Water-resistant bags often shield your stuff from water splashes or light showers. However, when this isprolonged or when the pressure is too high, the rain or snow water can seep through.

Water-resistant products often use materials like nylon that has been treated with a DWR or durablewater repellency chemical. This helps the water molecules to bind together on the surface of thematerial, letting the beads roll off instead of seeping into the fabric.

Water-resistant bags are great for commuting and school but not very reliable for treks or hikes.​


A weatherproof bag is designed to keep not just water but also mud, dirt, dust, and other debris off of your stuff. It can protect also from sleet and wind. Weatherproofing literally means protecting yourthings from the damage posed by bad weather.

Weatherproof bags often have thinner membranes compared to waterproof bags and do not necessarily come with sealed seams. However, they are more resilient to water than your usual water-resistant packs.​

To further understand the difference, please watch this video:


Overall, I picked the CVLIFE Outdoor Tactical Backpack as the best waterproof backpack because of itsideal size, durability, and construction. Although it lacks some useful features, I think it does its job extremely well at a lower price than most backpacks of its size. Also, it secures my stuff and reduces bulkin a way that compresses everything down.

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