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The Truth: Difference Between Fishing And Hunting

Fishing vs. hunting; are you confused about which is better? Let’s look at the ins and outs of both.

Why do people go fishing?

Fishing is art, sport or occupation of catching fish. We can also describe it as a recreational activity because many people are now doing it as a hobby. However, the question at the top of every new and experienced fishing enthusiast would have to be, is fishing better than hunting or is hunting better than fishing?

Why do people hunt?

Hunting is usually a sport that involves either the killing or the trapping of animals. Although it is an ancient practice, the details have evolved over the years. Today, it is a secure, convenient and exciting practice that the modern man likes doing. In the past, hunting was a primary economic activity that human beings practiced to get food.

Which is better: Hunting or fishing?

From the descriptions above, one thing is clear: that the result is a dead animal. So, you might be wondering what the debate is all about. The contest on whether fishing is better than hunting has been around for over a decade now.

1/Does the end justify the means?

Some people feel that both hunting and fishing are justifiable as long as you make good use of the animal that you catch. As such trophy hunting would be considered wrong while food hunting would be regarded as right.

Others feel that we should consider the amount of stress that the animal goes through before it dies, as this determines whether the method used is humane or not.

2/The rules

If you have ever considered hunting, then the chances are that you know how alarming and discouraging the regulations can be. You must have a license to hunt. Before obtaining one, you will go through a rigorous gun training exercise. If you are mindful of your safety especially since you carry a gun around, then you might not enjoy hunting.

Although fishing has its rules too, they are only for giving guidance and ensuring that you preserve nature while enjoying the sport. If you pay attention to the rules, you will realize that no fish would be left if these guidelines were not put in place.

Also, there are many public water bodies for you to fish. You can also engage in private water bodies as long as you have the fishing license, which is not hard to obtain compared to the hunting license. In some places, you can even purchase the license online by availing your personal information and identification.

3/The humane aspect

Let’s consider fishing and hunting from the perspective of the one that is more humane. In both cases, you are in pursuit of the animal. You can opt to either kill or spare it. If you decide to kill it, how fast you do so determine how humane the act is.

When fishing, you target the fish. You attempt to catch it. When you finally get the fish into the boat, you may opt to kill or release it. You may smash its head or allow it to asphyxiate. Then you may eat or waste it.

When hunting, you track the animal you want to pursue. Once you have it in sight, you may take a photo close up as proof that your hunting skills are impressive or you can kill it. If you are skilled enough, one shot to the heart will kill the animal instantly. If you shoot anywhere else, the animal will bleed out. Just like for fishing, you can eat or waste it.

4/The prey and the predators

Another perspective is to compare the hunting and fishing techniques. A famous quote by Walter D. Wetherell goes, “The difference between hunting and fishing is that hunters seek their prey while fishermen try to become prey; they do their best to make their lures look attractive and vulnerable so that fish will attack them.”

I found this quote explicit with regards to how fishing techniques are different from hunting techniques. For sure, when fishing, you use bait to attract the fish. As such, you become the prey, and somehow, the fish comes to you at its own free will. As for hunting, you go after the animal, meaning that you are the predator while the animal is prey.

5/The required strength and energy

Hunting requires physical strength and excellent skills. Successful hunting requires rigorous practice. Therefore, training is a necessity for hunting. As for fishing, the needed energy and physical strength should be the least of your worries. Since fishing does not involve any special skills or strength, you can enjoy it even if it is your first time.

6/The available species

Once again, fishing carries the day. In fishing, you are at liberty to catch fish across various species in a single water body. If you are paying for a fishing spot, make sure you find a spot that allows you to catch many species so that you get value for your money. As for hunting, you do not have a variety of species at your disposal due to climatic conditions. The only way for a hunter to have a broad experience is to try out many hunting spots.

7/The resulting relaxation

When fishing, all you do is to sit in the boat with your hook inside the water. After some time, you will feel some weight on the hook and you can pull the fish out of the water. All of this is happening as the cool breeze hits your face and refreshes your soul. What could be more enjoyable than this?

Research suggests that if you are facing anxiety or depression, fishing can help you curb it. Although hunting can help, it does not have similar effects to fishing.

To fish or to hunt?

Considering that there are more anglers than hunters, that is a clear indication as to which is better than the other. Also, when you make these comparisons, fishing seems to stand out. Therefore, fishing is better than hunting but go for the one that resonates with your personality and liking. All the best and enjoy the sport you decide to engage.

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