What Do Mullet Eat And The Best Baits To Use

What Do Mullet Eat And The Best Baits To Use

Mullets can be quite challenging and tricky to catch. No wonder there are a lot of anglers who are really into catching this kind of fish. But as with any other species, you do not just rely on fishing techniques and strategies alone to get a good catch. Although you need to have a great catch, you also need to take the time to know more about the fish: what do they eat and how they move in water. So in catching mullet, you need to know what mullet eat. This allows you to use the right baits and lures for a successful catch.


Know More About Mullet

Mullets thrive in tropical as well as subtropical areas. They are abundant in the Gulf Coast of Florida. What you will like about mullets is that they are very lively as they often swim in a school of fish and you often see them jumping on top of the water. It makes them very interesting and a perfect subject for fishing.

School of mullet fishes.

Mullets might be considered a game fish by some. But the truth is that even if you find them in the dock bait stations or even in any location where there is a food source, it is not easy to catch mullets. They can be quite aggressive especially when they are cooked which adds more fun and challenge to your fishing activity. That is why it is essential that you make the necessary preparations for the actual bait.

Using Loaf Or Cat Food

To help you with the bait, there is one important thing that you should know about mullets. They tend to go to areas where there is food or where the source of food enters the water. This allows you to prepare for mullet fishing.

  • To Start off, you need a loaf bread.
  • Make sure that it is broken into pieces. You may also want to use a cat food. Soften the cat food and put it either in a detergent release bag or mesh bag.
  • Once the food is ready, the next step is to tie a cord around the mesh bag. It should be just a small diameter.
  • Place the bag a few feet into the water where you will start fishing.
  • Continue doing this process for about 2 to 3 days. Your goal is to make the mullet get used to going in this particular location waiting for a food supply.

Using Processed Bait Food

When it comes the food that they eat, you won’t have any difficulty in using the right bait since mullet likes to eat any food that people want to eat. This makes it a whole lot easier for you to choose the kind of bait that you will use when catching mullets. You can use hot dog, sausage or even cheese. Use a fishing line that is lightweight around 6 pound test with a number 6 tru-turn hook. Now, put the food on the hook. Keep in mind that apart from these mentioned choices you can also use other foods. In fact, you can even use leftovers since they can be good baits. One thing to remember is that when using these baits, they should be small like the mullet.

Using Natural Baits

If you don’t want to use processed baits, you can also go natural. Using natural bait is also an effective choice to catch mullet. They like to go for larvae as well as small insects. When choosing natural baits, you can go for meal worms and small insects. You can also use small larvae. Other great options include night crawler and earthworm. In using natural baits, you have to lessen the size of the hook. It is important that it does not overpower your bait. Whatever it is that you choose, the bait should be small enough to ensure that it goes straight into their mouth.

Final Thought

Mullets are fun to catch. They give you that thrill of the chase which makes fishing more enjoyable. But what is nice about mullets is that the bait selecting process is quite easy not to mention that it is a pretty much straightforward process. You can use almost any food that people eat which gives you a wide range of option that you can use as a bait. If you can perfect the right way of catching mullet, you will surely get a good catch.

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