Truth About Walleye And Their Taste

Truth About Walleye And Their Taste

I decided to rank fish according to their flavour. The walleye surely did appear among the top five. Actually, I would regard it to be the freshwater fish with the best taste. What makes it tasty is that you can use various recipes and preparation techniques to achieve varying tastes from the walleye.

The Walleye is quite a delicious fish which survives only in freshwater. Fishing for walleye can be both for commercial purposes and also for recreation purposes. The fish species are easy to clean and are meaty enough especially, in the fillets. The walleye meat consists of thirteen grams of protein, approximately seventy-six milligrams of sodium and cholesterol levels of fifty-five milligrams, some quantities of fibre and vitamin A. Considering such a composition; it is surely a good meal to feed on. For those who would want to avoid carbohydrates and sugars, the walleye is ideal since it has none of those.


Walleye’s Composition

Someone who has taken walleye would not be so wrong to claim that he has taken a balanced diet. Walleye has proteins, fats, calories among others in various proportions. This makes this fish to be all rounded when it comes to the provision of the different types of nutrition that our body needs.

  • Proteins - 13 grams
  • Sodium- 76 milligrams
  • Cholesterol - 55 milligrams
  • Omega - 30.025 grams
  • Saturated fat -0.249 grams
  • Total fat - 1.22 grams
  • Calories - 81 milligrams

What Is The Description Of Walleye's Taste?

The walleye has white flesh. It has a less murky taste than bass. Fish fillets which are fine and flaked have a sweet, thick, succulent and mild flavour. These terms basically describe the taste of the walleye. This means that if prepared following a great recipe it would turn out to be quite a delicacy. Actually, most culinary communities highly regard it for its flavour and delicate flake.

fish walleye

Fish Walleye

Walleye is one quite an excellent fish to eat. I find its taste to be better than that of the trout, finer taste and the creek fish.

Who would enjoy eating a bonny fish which puts one at the risk of chocking any minute? Who would want to concentrate on getting rid of the bones other than enjoying a delicacy? I bet every other angler would want to dig his or her teeth deep into some flesh without any worry of injuries or worse fatalities and enjoy the meal as a reward for their hard work during the fishing spree. The walleye has very few bones, and this makes it quite appealing for consumption.

Availability of Walleye

Walleye are found in Canada in abundance. They are getting extinct too, probably due to the existence of algae in most inland lakes in Canada. The best walleye come from smaller and inland lakes. Walleyes found in big lakes are not as sweet as those found in smaller inland lakes. Getting a fresh walleye can be hard enough. What is mostly available is the frozen walleye from Canada.

Frozen Walleye

Frozen Walleye

Handling The walleye

For you to get the best meal out of the walleye, you have to ensure that you store it appropriately. Walleye is available both with skin and skinless. Refrigerated walleye should be refrigerated at 35 degrees. Do not ice the walleye directly, but instead surround it with fresh ice in a pan which is perforated to allow water to drain away from the product for the total time when it will be stored.

For How Long Should The Walleye Be Stored Before It Is Prepared?

To get the best meal out of the walleye, they must be preserved in very good conditions such that it maintains its nutrient content. To maintain its optimum quality, fresh whole walleye should be stored for five days or at most a week.

A fresh filleted or portioned walleye should be used within two or three days after being stored. Frozen walleyes can be kept for a period of up to a whole year. The frozen ones are most common considering the fact that the walleye are becoming extinct due to the increasing hyacinth in the inland lakes which do not favor the existence of the walleyes.

Fresh walleye fillets

Fresh walleye fillets

Now that we know that the walleye has a distinct taste which I can best describe as sweet, succulent, thick and mild flavour, it is only right to get the right recipe to bring out the best of the walleye.

Any other angler should have few recipes at hand for preparing tasty walleye meals. This is my best recipe for preparing a walleye delicacy:

Fried Walleye

Fried Walleye Fish

Fried Walleye Fish. Via:


  • Walleye fillets
  • Beaten eggs
  • All-purpose flour
  • Salt to taste
  • Garlic powder
  • Ground black pepper
  • Crushed saltine crackers
  • Vegetable oil
  • Lemon(s) cut into wedges

Note: all ingredients should be enough according to the number of people being served.


Step #1: Cut the fillets into manageable sizes after ensuring that the skin and bones have been removed.

Step #2: Mix the garlic powder, flour, salt and pepper in a bowl. Have the eggs and cracker crumbs in separate bowls.

Step #3: Heat the oil in a deep fryer over the heat of about 190 degrees.

Step #4: Press the fillets into the flour mixture, then into the beaten eggs and lastly into the cracker crumbs. Set them on a plate.

Step #5: Once the oil heats up, lower the fillets into the oil and let them cook till they turn golden brown. Each side should take from three to four minutes to cook.

When ready, place the fillets on a plate with a lined paper towel to absorb excess oil.

The total time taken for preparation, cooking and readying of the fillets is 30 minutes, 15 minutes, and 45 minutes respectively.


The walleye are a great meal when prepared using a right procedure and when handled in the right way to keep them from going bad. Walleye is composed of very nutritious ingredients which are important to the human body. After reading this article, I hope that you know what taste to expect when you make a walleye meal or when you order it in a restaurant.

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