When Do Bass Spawn? Know All About It

When Do Bass Spawn? Know All About It

Bass Fishing refers to fish for the freshwater fishes. Anglers all around the world spend hours and days to catch these game fishes. Spawning refers to the time when the fishes become aggressive and come out openly in the shallow waters and it becomes easy for the anglers to catch them.

Hence this article will help you know when do bass spawn and you can plan your fishing excursions accordingly.


Let's Know the Spawning Of the Bass in Different Seasons

Landing Largemouth Bass

Landing Largemouth Bass


During the spring season, the climate starts to get warm and the bass sees a rise in their metabolism. They tend to move to the shallow waters in the search of food and to get the warmth of the sun. Fishes that thrive in the cold winter season leave little food options for the other fishes. Hence, this is a good time for the anglers to target the bass.

Bass Life Cycle In The Spring Season Is Divided Into Three Major Parts:


As spring season steps in the bass gets prepared for spawning. Bass feeds itself much during the pre-spawn times as they know that for the following 15 days they would not get much to feed on.

The bass is mostly in the search of Lake Crawfish and similar species. Therefore, it is recommended that you use lures that mimic the same.


Spawning is such a phase when the bass tends to behave in a defensive way. The nests of the bass are attacked by many other species like bluegill, small turtles, crawfish, and salamanders. Bass assaults these species with aggression as a threat.

They initially try to keep the attackers away from the nest. But if the attackers do not give up the bass tries to kill it. It is recommended that you use such baits that imitate these attackers of the bass that threaten the eggs.


This is the last stage post spawning. The female fishes leave the males to protect the fry. The male fishes star close to the nest protecting the little ones while the females stay resting in the deep waters posts the tiring spawning session.

It is now up to the angler as to which lot would he/she want to attack. If you chose to target the male fishes then you must use noise producing baits as they tend to fear the fry.


Largemouth Bass on kid's hand

Largemouth Bass on kid's hand

In the warm summer seasons, the bass stays in deep waters. The shallow portions of the water body stay extremely hot and keep the bass away. All the species tend to migrate to the deeper waters to avoid the heat. In such situations, you can use baits that resemble shades to attract the bass.


A maximum number of species mate in the winter season. When the temperature of the water bodies starts to hit around 15-degree Celsius the male bass starts to proceed towards the spawning area.

Maximum spawning happens in the months of April, May and the beginning of June. But the species of the bass are so vast that if you don't choose the correct location then you might not be able to hit your target.

The south part of the northern hemisphere witnesses early spawning as the water bodies tend to warm earlier than elsewhere.

Largemouth Bass Handing

Largemouth Bass Handing

The ideal temperature for the bass to spawn is around 18.3 to 23.9-degree Celsius. If the temperature falls below then there are high chances that the bass would be lost and keep away from the spawning region. The males leave the region in such conditions and will look for warmer water.

If so is the case then the nests will be left unprotected and the eggs would be attacked by other species. As a result, there won't be any eggs to hatch with no hopes of that particular species to dominate the waters.

Where Do Bass Spawn?

To know the spawning regions and areas of the bass is of equal importance for the anglers. The correct temperature is very important for spawning. The bass stays in shallow waters when they prepare the nests. Mostly the bass nests stay at a depth of one to four feet. But such is not the case in clear water bodies.

In transparent waters, the bass set up their nests a little deeper. They built it at a depth of around twenty feet. They always make the eggs stay close to the sun rays as the eggs require warmth during their incubation period.

How to Attract Fishes While Spawning?

Bass fishing with the proper technique is called 'Sight Fishing'. The bass stays intact in the shallow waters with no intentions of hunting food. They stay agitated and alert but it is very difficult to attract them to lures.

If you wish to trap a bass then you must think differently. It is next to impossible to tempt the bass during spawning. So how can you attract them?

Fishing Largemouth Bass

Fishing Largemouth Bass

The spawning duration is almost of three weeks. The duty of the bass is sole to protect their younger ones and fight the enemies. Hence, if you use bait similar to the attacking species you have high chances to attract the bass with ease.

Moreover, as the bass stays in shallow waters you can very easily locate them by only staying close to the water body's edge. But they would be able to notice you in that case. So it is advised that you look for the nest instead and not end up scaring the fishes by your close presence. Now that you locate the nest you should be patient and smart in your approach.

You should use different kinds of baits to attract the fishes. Colorful bait especially the once resembling the attacker species work well in such situations. The fry tends to get scared of the bait that causes turbulence and sound in the water and the bass attacks them at once. Hence these baits are too useful to be used in such situations.


Spawning is considered to be one of the best times to fish and target the bass. The bass stays agitated and aggressive at such times which give a whole lot of benefits to the anglers. If you understand and know when do bass spawn during the year you can easily treat yourself with baskets full of fishes

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